Knockout Option Significance Explained by Jeremy Goldstein

Many businesses have stopped providing employees with stock options. Companies have different reason while some are saving money, others have complicated reasons. However, the problems that led companies not to provide employees with stock options were constant. The issues included the stock value can drop significantly making it difficult for employees to exercise their options, stock options mainly lead to accounting burdens, and many employees have discovered economic downturns usually declare options worthless.


However, there are advantages of stock options which make it preferable to additional wages, better insurance coverage, and equities. Stock options compensation method is simple for employees to understand as they provide an equivalent value that is substantial to them. Also, options can only improve personal earnings if the company’s share value rises. Therefore, it encourages employees to work hard by attracting potential clients, develop innovative products and satisfy customers to improve the corporation’s share value to enhance their income.


Moreover, some internal revenue service rules make it difficult for employees to receive equities. Therefore, companies may face higher tax burdens when they provide shares than when they offer stock options. These advantages can be obtained by businesses who keep providing employees with stock options.


Companies ought to take steps to reduce overhang and initial and ongoing expenses when offering stock options. However, the best option for businesses is to embrace knockout barrier option according to Jeremy Goldstein. It works as other barrier options, but employees lose them if the share value of the company reduces under a particular amount. Employers are advised to cancel them if the share value remains that for at least week.


Knockout option reduces initial accounting costs. Also, it protects stockholders from worries as they don’t face overhang threats from options that no one can change. Moreover, it ensures the firm’s annual proxy is accurate as it results in lower executive compensation figures.


Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer who is a partner at the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC firm based in New York. He has worked to help many companies with financial solutions. Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC firm provides answers on matters of CEOs, management teams, and compensation matters.


Jeremy Goldstein is knowledgeable about employees and employers options that will work to benefit the company. Jeremy Goldstein attended Cornell University where he earned a BA degree and then joined New York University School of Law and graduating with a Juris Doctor. With over 15 years of experience, Jeremy Goldstein has worked to improve many companies.


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Despite large commissions, Securus Technologies says it adds huge value for inmates

No one is ever happy about paying high rates for making phone calls. This is especially true for those who are locked up in the nation’s prison. Being a captive audience, the inmates in America’s prisons are often deeply dissatisfied with the rates they pay to make outgoing phone calls, especially when those rates exceed the amounts that would otherwise be paid on the free market.

But it is also important to understand that the prison system operates completely differently from the free market. Many of the nation’s prisons rely heavily on the revenues that are generated from inmate calling. This money is not just used to maintain the phone systems of the prison themselves, it is also used to fund other budgetary shortfalls, including the ability of those prisons to adequately staff and maintain open beds for prisoners.

While inmates may be deeply unsatisfied with this arrangement, understandably not being excited about paying for their own incarceration, there are situations where this money that is raised from phone revenues goes directly to improve an inmate’s living standards. For example, throughout the state of California, Securus Technologies, one of the nation’s leading inmate communications providers, has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in commissions to the institutions where does business.

This, in turn, has enabled many of those institutions to reduce the number of inmates who are forced to bunk in open-air gyms due to overcrowding. As long as the revenues generated from phones are able to provide inmates with more beds in traditional cells, it means that fewer inmates will be required to bunk in dangerous open-air gym situations, where it is not uncommon for violence to erupt at any moment.

This is just one way in which the inmates paying for outgoing phone calls are actually contributing to their own safety and well-being.


Norman Pattiz: Revolutionizing Advertising Through Podcast Campaigns

Podcast ad campaigns have a great potential of creating brand awareness and stirring unrivalled brand lift. This was the conclusion reached by a survey conducted by Edison Research in 2016. The research was commissioned by PodcastOne; a company founded by Norman Pattiz who currently serves as its executive chairman. The results, which were released in early 2017 by Mr. Pattiz together with Edison Research’s vice president in charge of strategy, showed that the various national brands enjoyed significant increase in their brand lifts at the end of the campaign. The two-phase survey collected data before and after the ad campaigns had been ran on PodcastOne network. The data indicated that some of the national brands enjoyed over 70 percent in brand lift with more clients showing increased interest in purchasing the brands. Learn more:


 From Westwood One to PodcastOne: Redefining American Broadcasting Industry


The founding of Westwood One and its subsequent effective management to become American’s leading radio network mark important milestone in the checkered entrepreneurship history of Norman Pattiz. As the leader of the radio network he founded in 1914, Mr. Pattiz helped the network win several lucrative broadcasting rights and contracts. The radio network was chosen by various media conglomerates such as CNN, CBS News and NBC to air their radio programs covering sports, news, traffic and entertainment among others. It also won the rights to air The Super Bowl, the Summer Olympics, NCAA Basketball, Winter Olympics and NFL Football among others. His excellent management track record at Westwood One saw him win multiple industry awards. Learn more:


After taking a long hiatus from active management and entrepreneurship especially in the broadcasting industry, Norman Pattiz reemerged in 2012 with the launching of PodcastOne; a world leading podcast network. The network has been revolutionary with numerous celebrities signing up with the network including Larry King, Shaquille O’Neal, Chris Jericho and Steve Austin among others. The company has grown in popularity since its founding with its revolutionary ad platform. Learn more:


Joining the BBG: Spearheading the Growth of Nonmilitary Radio and Television Networks


Norman Pattiz’s excellent track record at Westwood One played a significant role in his induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame 2009. However, his position as a Hall of Famer was cemented between 2000 and 2006 when he served a member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) of the United States of America. Serving under the administrations of Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush, Mr. Pattiz spearhead an initiative that has changed the global broadcasting landscape. He oversaw the founding of numerous nonmilitary television and radio networks across the Middle East. These stations aired their programs in local dialects. Learn more:




The Experienced Carlos Luis Trabuco’s Rise In Bradesco Company

Maintaining leadership has never been an easy task especially for an organization that has always been in the frontline. Recently, the largest bank in Brazil, Bradesco, experienced their worst moments when, Itau Unibanco stripped them off their position as the leading bank. In a country with few executives, Bradesco’s only option was to use the safest option, which was appointing the right leader that would propel the company to its original position. After careful consideration from the company’s board of directors, Carlos Luis Trabuco Cappi was found to be the worthy leader the company needed.

About Carlos Luis Trabuco

Born and raised in Merilla, Brazil, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a humble, simple, and calm subject. The alumni of Sao Paulo University, he studied a degree in philosophy unlike his colleagues, which was completely different from his field of work. However, Trabuco signed at the newly started bank in his hometown, Bradesco, where he got a job as a clerk. Under the leadership of its pioneer Amador Aguiar, Trabuco acquired banking skills in the late 1960’s. Two years later, he decided to shift his position to the company’s headquarters based in the city.

Luckily, in the year 1984, Trabuco managed to secure a position as the marketing director. This position set his foundation in the banking world, which as a result fueled his hunger for success. Further, his experience in the banking world continued to grow and between the year 1992 and 1998, Trabuco served as the executive director and president of Bradesco’s private pension company. After serving six years in the company’s pension sector, Trabuco acquired the required skills needed to push him to the executive vice president position. In the year 1999, he was appointed as the new executive vice president and later on the president of the company’s insurance company. He continued to hold the position in the company’s critical sector until his recent appointment as the executive president.

Aged 57, Trabuco’s journey to success had not only provided him with skills and wealth but had also provided him with approximately 40 years of experience. These factors more so contributed to his recent appointment as Bradesco’s executive president. He replaced the 65-year-old Marcio Cypriano whose position as the president expired due to the company’s rule in age limit. Nevertheless, marcio’s ten years experience as president was overwhelming. This is because, under his leadership, the company’s market value multiplied from $ 5 billion to $ 30 billion dollars.

Trabuco’s appointment as the new president was timely since the company was experiencing heavy losses. Bradesco’s new competitor, Itau Unibanco, was causing a huge threat to its performance and had managed to overtake them in the financial sector dominancy. For this reason, Bradesco was experiencing a shortage of customers and as drop in the market share value. Additionally, Unibanco had acquired ownership of majority of the medium sized banks in Brazil. As a result, the company managed to beat Bradesco in asset owner, which had a negative impact in its performance. The new president was however reported to be making plans on opening more than two hundred branches to remedy the situation. Indeed, the only shortest way to narrow the gap was through the acquisition of the smaller and medium sized banks.

Analysts revealed that despite Bradesco’s loss in leadership among private banks, there is no doubt Trabuco was capable of regaining the company’s ground and restore it to its previous position. Maintaining a stiff competition has always been Trabuco’s means of achieving success. For this reason, the experienced banker would pose a great threat to his competitor.

Jeremy Goldstein dream came to pass

A New York resident has a new and convenient way to get a lawyer that has the required experience within the community to handle their legal issues. An online portal to help an individual who seeks the services of an attorney launched by the trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Services (LRIS) of the New York State Bar Association. The service is not only available 24 hours but also very confidential.


Claire P. Gutekunst, the president of the State Bar, said that most people needed the assistance of a lawyer when they are under stress. The Lawyer Referral and Information System that the firm provided, was a lower pressure way to obtain the legal help. Clients can have the pleasure to acquire attorneys with high legal standings and whose credentials have been thoroughly reviewed and approved by the New York State Bar Association.


On the other hand, the Chief Executive Officer of, the firm that partnered with New York State Bar Association, Mr. Tony Lai said that they were very proud for partnering with one of the largest association of lawyers. The collaboration has promoted the delivery of service to a large number of people at minimal cost. Besides, the platform had helped create a trusted online destination for businesses as well as consumers seeking to depend on New York law.


Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, a boutique law firm specializing in advising compensation committees. He is presently serving as volunteer Chair of the Asheville Planning. Also, Jeremy Goldstein just ended service at the Advisory Team which was studying the uses of the land owned by the city.


The former area where Jeremy Goldstein served was on Boards of the Irene Wortham Center and Greenways Foundation. Jeremy Goldstein had a dream to live in the same city with his brothers, as they raise families and grow old together. As a matter of fact, the dream came to pass.


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Richard Mishaan Dominating the Interior Design World

Richard Mishaan is a skilled designer and the founder /owner of the Richard Mishaan Design, which is a world class leader in Interior Design. Richard Mishaan Design has been creating timeless and artistic interiors for clients all over the globe for over 25 years. Richard Mishaan Design has its headquarters in New York, United States of America. Born in Columbia, Richard Mishaan attended the College University School of Architecture and also holds a BA from New York University. He started his career as an assistant in the offices of Philip Johnson. According to his previous works, it is clear that the Mishaan touch is a stylistic and an expansive one manifested in each and every design. This might be greatly attributed to the fact that he has a combined knowledge of fashion, architecture, his cultural roots and interior design.

One of the best pieces Richard Mishaan Design has worked on is the Upper Side New York Apartment. This is a great family home and cozy place to be in. The reason for rating this as the best among all the other is this piece has textural designs with a slight element of sophistication. Furthermore, the project is filled with decor that has not been used anywhere else. The textural designs, wall papers, and window treatments have been carefully combined to produce an elegant style in every room. Richard Mishaan Design carefully filled the corridors with artistic designs and paintings that are worth a second glare.

Richard Mishaan has authored two books, Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury, which were published by Monacelli Press. The books basically talk about different ideas of furnishing and designing a house through elegant finishing and using rare items. Due to his outstanding work, Richard Mishaan has received recognition from ELLE Decor’s A-List and Architectural Digest AD100. He is also the Owner of Homer Design, a boutique that sells sleek and quality furniture.

Securing the nature – Wild Ark

Planet Earth is one of the most amazing planets in the world, and people have been traveling to see the wonders of this planet. With various and beautiful destinations to go to in the world, it is also important to know that the places need to be conserved and protected for the future generation. It is not an easy task to protect the environment, especially when touring destinations far from your home area. Wild Ark is one of the organizations that offer eco-friendly traveling. Some of their great traveling destinations include; Botswana Mobile Tented Safaris and Eco Tracking 7 days wilderness experience in Africa among others. The traveling experience gives a tourist a chance to view and tour Africa and get the explorer’s experience. It is important to learn how to be eco-conscious when traveling and below are some simple tips to put in mind and practice while traveling. Learn more:

Eco-conscious Traveling Tips

  • Plan an efficient, ethical trip: Planning is crucial when it comes to traveling, and if an individual wants an eco-friendly tour it is important that they do research on the destinations that positioned to be high on their human rights as well as their environmental standards.
  • Practicing intuitive touring: tourist all over the world should learn how to practice green traveling; this is they should consider traveling in groups rather than individually, booking a green touring company, and also participate in carbon reducing activities which include photography, diving, playing with animals among others.

Several organizations are on a mission to conserve and protect nature as they encourage the world to travel. Some of these firms include; Wild Ark. Wild Ark is an organization which can well be described as a touring company founded with a primary mission of conserving the wild space and places in the world. The company was established by two passionate conservationists; Mark and Sophie Hutchinson. Sophie and Mark have been working hand in hand with other conservationists to secure and conserve the wild areas for the present and the future generation. Wild Ark was founded on a strong foundation with a mission to conserve wildlife, to protect the world’s green places, design an opportunity for researchers, and offer the world a chance to experience and reconnect with nature as they learn and love to protect it. WildArk is dedicated to educating the world to assist in securing the environment for the future generation. Learn more:


At Look At Some Major News And Event Coverage With The End Citizens United Group

The Rhode Island Public Radio broadcast is reporting that the End Citizens United Political Action Committee or PAC has endorsed a candidate for United State Senate. The Rhode Island senator who has received the PAC’s endorsement is none other than incumbent senator Sheldon Whitehouse. He is representing the state of Rhode Island in US Senate right now. Sheldon is a Democrat whose position as US Senator is up for election in 2018, in what is coined in politics as the midterm elections.


End Citizens United says it is supporting Sheldon Whitehouse’s reelection campaign for US Senate because they believe he is a champion when it comes to the issue of campaign finance reform. The Political Action Committee is well known for supporting politicians such as Sheldon Whitehouse who are strongly opposed to the United States Supreme Court Ruling in the case known as Citizens United vs the Federal Election Commission. The ruling in this case was just narrowly passed by a vote of 5-4. According to End Citizens United the ruling had greatly expanded the ability of big business and corporations to make political donations to candidates.


Sheldon Whitehouse is staunchly opposed to the ruling found by the United States Supreme Court in the Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission case. He also has a track record of supporting transparency when it comes to political donations and how donation money is spent. Senator Whitehouse even has a book that he authored which is called Captured: The Corporate Infiltration of American Democracy. Clearly both Sheldon Whitehouse and the End Citizens United PAC have common goals and ends. This makes it natural that End Citizens United would back such a candidate for reelection next year. Senator Whitehouse also asked a key question of then Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch during his senate hearing on what he thought about so called dark money infiltrating politics.


Whitehouse clearly raises the issue of dark money and the influence of unhinged corporate influences in the political world. Mr. Whitehouse has faced some sore spots though. A state representative have accused Sheldon Whitehouse of failing to criticize or go after so called dark Democratic money in political campaigns. Despite this criticism and flaw Citizens United believes that Senator Whitehouse has a similar agenda to theirs. That is to go after corporate infiltration and influence of politics and help create more transparency when it comes to donations and political spending.


Citizens United is going strong. In the first quarter of 2017, the group managed to raise over $4 million dollars for their political war chest. You can expect a significant sum of money from the fundraising to go towards supporting Rhode Island senator Sheldon Whitehouse for his election bid in 2018.


WildArk Your Ultimate Eco-Conscious Destination

Eco-tourism has become a pretty popular phenomenon around the world. Tourists from different countries and cultures are inclined to visit destinations that offer nature-based experiences. Eco-tours offer travelers the most adrenalin-filled thrills in the world. They are fun, relaxing, and give you a horde of stories to talk about later. Eco-tours also offer clients an opportunity to benefit the locals and the places they visit by protecting their cultural heritage and supporting conservation. Eco-tourists fall into two broad categories:


  • Those that are motivated by enjoying nature together with friends and family
  • Tourists who enjoy eco-tourism for the purpose of narrating their experiences


Understanding both groups helps tourism companies to create experiences that match their tastes and preferences. WildArk is one such company that is dedicated to preserving eco-destinations and various parts of recognized green belts around the world. So far the company has acquired one property- Pridelands with the aim of transforming it into an eco-destination. Learn more:




It is a 4500-acre (former) hunting farm in South Africa that was acquired to develop an ecologically sound habitat. Mark Hutchinson, WildArk’s founder aims to reinstate the estate to a migrational and residential habitat for elephants, lions, buffalo, and the rhino. In partnership with EcoTraining, WildArk plans to develop eco-tourism and education opportunities for locals to connect with nature and learn how to protect wild places.


About WildArk


Founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, WildArk was formed with the primary goal of buying, protecting and reinstating the biodiversity of lands while creating sustainable trades for the protection and continuation of the ecosystems. Worried about the perils facing wildlife and places, Mark and Sophie together with a team of conservationists decided to look for ways to make a difference actively. The company in partnership with close colleagues at EcoTraining recently acquired its first property-Pricelands to with the aim of realizing their conservancy goals. Additionally, the partners (EcoTraining and Pricelands) plan to put up an EcoTraing camp on the property to create learning opportunities for local school children. Through its vast experience in wildlife, conservation partnerships, and travel offerings, WildArk intend to allow people to become educated and engaged in protecting wildlife and their habitats. Learn more:

Samuel Strauch On Networking, Meditation, And Entrepreneurial Success

Samuel Strauch is at the forefront of the real estate investment boom that has been going on in Miami, FL for the better part of the past decade.

Strauch has a degree in business after studying from several high profile universities including Hofstra and Harvard and he has been putting that education to good use over the years. Strauch’s careful and controlled ascent up the industry says as much about his company, Metrik Holdings, as it does about the talented entrepreneur himself. To get to where Strauch has gotten in his career it could be worth diving into advice that the real estate mogul has put together.

To start things off, Samuel Strauch is firmly in the camp that your networking skills are your greatest assets. Without quality networking you’ll never be able to make the connections and form the relationships necessary in order to become successful in the business. Strauch says, “The key to my business is always meeting new people and strengthening relationships (…)” Strauch goes on to really emphasize the point that new relationships can lead to new business opportunities, ideas, and clients. However, Strauch still knows that you have to take care of yourself above all. Strauch spends as much of his free time as possible holed up and meditating so that he can keep his focus on what is important.

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Metrik Real Estate has always been considered pretty progressive in their approach to the real estate market. They started out as a local realty company servicing the needs of the Miami area before going more global with networking in Latin America, as well. Strauch says, “Being forward thinking and creative is part of our DNA and it clearly sets us apart as leaders in our industry.” Strauch goes on to explain that his company is focused on being analytical and really sinking their teeth into every idea. If the idea passes the analysis then they go forward and put every ounce of their energy into developing it.

Perhaps what impresses us most about Strauch isn’t what he has accomplished, but what he wouldn’t change. Strauch confidently says that he wouldn’t change a thing if he had the opportunity. Perhaps it is his deep meditation but his answer is simple, “Life is a lesson and whatever path we take is an essential part of our growth.”

Learn more about Samuel Strauch: