Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Is The App For You

Whitney Wolfe’s app Bumble is known for being one of the most classy on the net today. The app brings women to a new level of respect. Bumble is the perfect app for anybody wanting to find love, friendships, and potential dates.

Whitney has been in the app making business for years ever since she helped co-found the ever popular, Tinder.

After leaving that company, she started her journey once again on helping women who are going through bullying and depression by creating a social network that fits their needs the most. Whitney Wolfe is always on the hunt for improving the ways women are viewed in the media and also changing the way they work in the world of online dating.

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There is no place better than Bumble to start dating. The app is known for its classy and genuine sincerity on approaching and tackling the idea of finding dates and love. The app isn’t sleazy or dirty, and in fact, Whitney Wolfe doesn’t judge those who do use the app in that way. She knows that in general her app is there to help people on finding what they want, whether that’s just a bit of fun or a serious relationship.

Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble is not like every other app that’s out there. The app is known for being the solution for women who are tired of getting annoying pick up lines from guys. First a girl swipes right on a guy and then all these guys send annoying pick up lines. The moment two people swipe, the girl gets to decide if she wants to message the guy or not. Now she is in control of who messages her, and she can dictate what could happen. The app is meant to be the representation for women that they need right now.