National Steel Car, a company based out of Hamilton, Ontario, is widely considered to be a global leader in the manufacturing and engineering of freight cars. Founded well over 100 years ago, they have a prestigious history of excellence and quality, with their reputation spanning the global market, and their position as the leading freight car manufacturer in North America being undisputed. Gregory Aziz is their current Chairman, President & CEO.



Gregory James Aziz

Greg James Aziz has a reputation for excellence which began during his education at Ridley College, continuing into his years attending the University of Western Ontario, where he obtained a major in economics. Following his education, James Aziz went on to join the family business, Affiliated Foods, which, at the time, was a relatively local wholesale food business. During his years working there, it grew into a worldwide importer of fresh produce, distributing to nearly every major provider of fresh food in the US and Eastern Canada.

In the mid-90s, James Aziz organized the full purchase of National Steel car from Dofasco. He had noticed the almost shoddy state of the once great company and aimed to bring it back to its former shining brilliance. Although, it would certainly need a lot of polishing to get it to that point. Aziz immediately got to work, placing a firm focus on the engineering and manufacturing capabilities of the company. His dedication to investments in the company as well as team building helped bring the company back from the brink, and the company expanded its manufacturing capabilities by more than three times what they were before his acquisition. The number of employees also increased to nearly 3,000 from about 600. Click Here for related information.


National Steel Car

The renewed focus of the company quickly brought it back into prominence as an industry leader in freight care innovations and engineering excellence, with manufacturing also increasing in scope. The company has consistently managed to earn the TTX SECO award for highest quality since shortly after Aziz acquired it. Just as it did in its heyday, National Steel Car has once again begun to both meet and exceed the needs and expectations of the constantly evolving freight car manufacturing industry.


But perhaps more important than the company’s grandiose accomplishments is its dedication to its employees and its community. National Steel Car has sponsored a number of events and charitable organizations within Hamilton, Ontario. In addition to these sponsorships and contributions, the company hosts a major food drive each year to supply local food banks, as well as hosting a Christmas Party for its employees and their families.



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