Hussain Sajwani Making Big Deals With Donald Trump

Donald Trump likes to make big deals. And when it comes to doing business in the desert kingdom of Dubai, there is one go-to person that the Donald relies on – Hussain Sajwani. Today, Mr. Sajwani readies some of the biggest deals with one of the biggest dealmakers in real estate.


As the founder and chairman of DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani leads one of the biggest property developers in the world. And as a billionaire, Hussain Sajwani makes deals that most other real estate developers can only imagine. One of those projects includes a golf course designed by Tiger Woods and managed by the Trump Organization. Other DAMAC Property developments include Paramount Hotels and Resorts developed in partnership with Paramount Pictures.


Hussain Sajwani began his career in 1981 at Abu Dhabi Gas Industries working in the finance department. From there, Mr. Sajwani started a catering business which is still in operation today.


In 2002, Hussain Sajwani started DAMAC Properties. From its inception, DAMAC Properties was focused on large scale projects with big-name partnerships. Today, DAMAC is one of the largest developers in the Middle East with over 19,000 apartments built and over 44,000 units under development.


While Hussain Sajwani spends much of his time realizing massive property projects, the DAMAC owner has also enjoyed success in his personal life. Married with four children, Mr. Sajwani ensures that his legacy lives on through the accomplishments of his offspring. Mr. Sajwani’s son, Ali Sajwani is the General Manager of Operations at DAMAC Group. It is this tight family relationship that has helped Mr. Sajwani’s organization prosper through the years.


When it comes to doing big business in the Middle East, there is perhaps no bigger name than Hussain Sajwani. From projects with Donald Trump to massive future developments across many cities, Mr. Sajwani is continuing to make waves around the real estate world.


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Behind the Scenes Look at Fabletics Amazon Online Connection

It has been said to never underestimate the power of a woman. Kate Hudson is proving that saying true. Her ability to steer her Fabletics line in the right direction in a timely manner is a bit uncanny. Kate has a long acting background that has earned her many loyal fans. Kate is often seen at celebrity functions wearing stunning gowns or other ensembles. She is well-regarded as an amazing actress, and the fashion police element has always loved Kate’s always right fashion sense. With this background, Fabletics customers know that whatever this brand puts out, they can trust that it will be magnificent, trendy and meticulously detailed.


Those into the fashion scene often wonder what all goes on when most can’t see. As in the entertainment industry, those peeks behind the scenes in the fashion industry can be revealing. Fabletics maintains that their rise to current popular status is due in large part by this fashion company’s decision way back to allow the customer demand to run their business. Fabletics calls this customer driven mechanism a reverse showroom. With computers and advanced technology, many retailers are learning how to better use these innovative marketing tools. Fabletics has an easy-to-operate online platform built to keep careful track of customer preferences, items selling figures, inventory items not selling and responses to this brand’s fabulous Lifestyle Quiz.


Easy to find, Fabletics has this novel quiz located at their online store site. In short time, customers learn what colors, sizes, design styles, and cuts are more flattering. The quiz also computes regular activity level for the best fabric choices. That large computer platform space records all customer data including purchases made, items browsed, number of times to site and many other distinctively different shopping traits. All of Fabletics business moves are directly based on results and configurations from customer input and other details.


Many shoppers are delighted that they can find Fabletics gear quickly and simply on Amazon. This mega middleman marketing online shop has billions of followers with more added every day. Kate and team immediately began work on selling their distinctive and beautiful athleisure wear designs on this incredibly large and prominent online shop. Sales are already ringing up faster every day. Kate is impressed by the efficiency, convenience and timely shipping that this marketing place offers. Her push for more online presence is paying off in huge profits from sales.