Stream is a renowned provider of various connected life services. The company also deals with direct selling. The company was founded in 2005 and has revolutionized the energy sector. In the past 12 years, they have been in existence, they have managed to generate over $8 billion in form of revenue. This has made the company become recognized globally as one of the major direct selling companies. The company was established to come up with simple and yet innovative ideas in the energy industry. One of their most successful ideas was selling by word of mouth. They managed to create a unique value proposition in an industry that was already crowded at that time.


Recently Stream Energy hosted the fourth Women of Power Retreat at its headquarters in Dallas Texas. The retreat is normally held on an annual basis. It is aimed at inspiring, motivating and mentoring the female associates at Stream as they shape their individual businesses.


This year’s theme was “Shine”. The program was aimed at highlighting the importance of showing confidence by actions and the impact it has on others. The weekend-long seminar had several renowned individuals as speakers ( The speakers included best-selling writer and news correspondent Nicole Lapin, one of America’s most influential business leaders Karen Leland as well as Melissa Mark Garner a well-known consultant who deals with corporate wellness.


The seminar was divided into various workshops. Each workshop was aimed at cultivating skills and building confidence that would be used in actualizing business goals (Twitter). A special session was held regarding how to be ones, own boss. Presentations on personalized branding tips that are aimed towards visualization and mind based exercises were made during this session.


Participants who engage themselves in Stream Energy events tend to succeed in their businesses thanks to the resources that they gain. The skill sets are valuable in ensuring they achieve the status “Women of Power”.


Apart from energy, Stream provides wireless, protective and home services through Stream Energy Services. These services ensure their customers continue with their daily routines connected regardless of location. People living in Texas, Maryland, Georgie, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, and Washington can enjoy the company’s energy services. All other Stream Services options are available throughout the country.