One country that has been particularly devastated by hurricanes this year in Puerto Rico. The same country has been facing an economic crisis that has nearly brought the functions of the local government to a halt. On September 12th, Hurricane Irma left a trail of destruction that worsened Puerto Rico as more than one million citizens of the country were left with no power despite the harsh cold weather conditions.


In as much as the recovery efforts were able to restore electricity to much of the country’s population, more than 60,000 people have been left out without power even after the restoration. To worsen the situation Hurricane Maria left yet another trail of destruction on the Island nation.


Hurricane Maria that rocked Puerto Rico was rated as a category five storm. On 20th September, the deadly tornado made landfall in Puerto Rico. The storm and resultant Hurricane were the things Puerto Rico least expected as the country was already rocked by Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Maria was characterized by more than 30 hours of torrential downpour, and a storm that had winds peaking at 155 mph.


On the trail of Hurricane Maria’s destruction included Puerto Rico’s energy and transport infrastructure. Other things destroyed by Hurricane Maria include the country’s roads, people’s homes and businesses and everything else within the hurricane’s path. The damage left behind by the earthquake is valued to be approximately about $90 billion

The Red Cross has been very significant in providing relief to people affected by both the hurricane Irma and Maria. More than $55 million in donations has been presented to the hurricane victims through the red cross.


Glen Wakeman is a renowned business executive, investor, entrepreneur and at the same time mentor (AnalystOfFinance). Other than coaching different chief executive officers and business executives, Glen Wakeman is also a financial consultant trusted by companies to provide guidance on making sound financial investments.


Other than serving as an executive Wakeman has been involved in various philanthropic causes around the world including providing support for Puerto Rico’s hurricane victims through a financial donation he made to the Red Cross. Wakeman has additionally been urging his peers to offer assistance to Puerto Rico’s hurricane victims.

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