The Rhode Island Public Radio broadcast is reporting that the End Citizens United Political Action Committee or PAC has endorsed a candidate for United State Senate. The Rhode Island senator who has received the PAC’s endorsement is none other than incumbent senator Sheldon Whitehouse. He is representing the state of Rhode Island in US Senate right now. Sheldon is a Democrat whose position as US Senator is up for election in 2018, in what is coined in politics as the midterm elections.


End Citizens United says it is supporting Sheldon Whitehouse’s reelection campaign for US Senate because they believe he is a champion when it comes to the issue of campaign finance reform. The Political Action Committee is well known for supporting politicians such as Sheldon Whitehouse who are strongly opposed to the United States Supreme Court Ruling in the case known as Citizens United vs the Federal Election Commission. The ruling in this case was just narrowly passed by a vote of 5-4. According to End Citizens United the ruling had greatly expanded the ability of big business and corporations to make political donations to candidates.


Sheldon Whitehouse is staunchly opposed to the ruling found by the United States Supreme Court in the Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission case. He also has a track record of supporting transparency when it comes to political donations and how donation money is spent. Senator Whitehouse even has a book that he authored which is called Captured: The Corporate Infiltration of American Democracy. Clearly both Sheldon Whitehouse and the End Citizens United PAC have common goals and ends. This makes it natural that End Citizens United would back such a candidate for reelection next year. Senator Whitehouse also asked a key question of then Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch during his senate hearing on what he thought about so called dark money infiltrating politics.


Whitehouse clearly raises the issue of dark money and the influence of unhinged corporate influences in the political world. Mr. Whitehouse has faced some sore spots though. A state representative have accused Sheldon Whitehouse of failing to criticize or go after so called dark Democratic money in political campaigns. Despite this criticism and flaw Citizens United believes that Senator Whitehouse has a similar agenda to theirs. That is to go after corporate infiltration and influence of politics and help create more transparency when it comes to donations and political spending.


Citizens United is going strong. In the first quarter of 2017, the group managed to raise over $4 million dollars for their political war chest. You can expect a significant sum of money from the fundraising to go towards supporting Rhode Island senator Sheldon Whitehouse for his election bid in 2018.


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  1. Most of this political groups always have a hidden agenda that they want to protect either their own interest of the interest of a politician. However rush an essay presents The End Citizens United in a light that is truly united in their fight for better governance and I think that the amount that the group has been able to raise would help them in the fight for the best candidate to run for Senate.

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