Eco-tourism has become a pretty popular phenomenon around the world. Tourists from different countries and cultures are inclined to visit destinations that offer nature-based experiences. Eco-tours offer travelers the most adrenalin-filled thrills in the world. They are fun, relaxing, and give you a horde of stories to talk about later. Eco-tours also offer clients an opportunity to benefit the locals and the places they visit by protecting their cultural heritage and supporting conservation. Eco-tourists fall into two broad categories:


  • Those that are motivated by enjoying nature together with friends and family
  • Tourists who enjoy eco-tourism for the purpose of narrating their experiences


Understanding both groups helps tourism companies to create experiences that match their tastes and preferences. WildArk is one such company that is dedicated to preserving eco-destinations and various parts of recognized green belts around the world. So far the company has acquired one property- Pridelands with the aim of transforming it into an eco-destination. Learn more:




It is a 4500-acre (former) hunting farm in South Africa that was acquired to develop an ecologically sound habitat. Mark Hutchinson, WildArk’s founder aims to reinstate the estate to a migrational and residential habitat for elephants, lions, buffalo, and the rhino. In partnership with EcoTraining, WildArk plans to develop eco-tourism and education opportunities for locals to connect with nature and learn how to protect wild places.


About WildArk


Founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, WildArk was formed with the primary goal of buying, protecting and reinstating the biodiversity of lands while creating sustainable trades for the protection and continuation of the ecosystems. Worried about the perils facing wildlife and places, Mark and Sophie together with a team of conservationists decided to look for ways to make a difference actively. The company in partnership with close colleagues at EcoTraining recently acquired its first property-Pricelands to with the aim of realizing their conservancy goals. Additionally, the partners (EcoTraining and Pricelands) plan to put up an EcoTraing camp on the property to create learning opportunities for local school children. Through its vast experience in wildlife, conservation partnerships, and travel offerings, WildArk intend to allow people to become educated and engaged in protecting wildlife and their habitats. Learn more: