Osteo Relief Institute- The Best Insititution For Ostearthritis Patients

Osteoarthritis patients experience many changes in their lives In light of this, it’s wise that you know the right diet and exercise to adapt, occupational change, medical care, and support (ChronicleWeely).


Exercise – People living with osteoarthritis are advised to be active physically. Working out helps to maintain optimal weight and enhance the strength and health of muscles that support bones.


Diet – Following a healthy diet is very vital for patients with osteoporosis. Like exercise, it helps with weight loss. You are advised to stay clear of processed dishes and restaurants foods. Instead, you should only eat fresh home-cooked meals.


Occupation – Patients with severe osteoarthritis find it difficult to perform certain basic tasks. In light of this, hiring the services of occupational therapists is advised.


Medical care – People living with osteoarthritis are advised to seek medical attention as directed by your doctor. Osteo Relief Institute has the best doctors who treat patients like family.


Support – It’s wise to find someone or a group of people that you can share your day-to-day struggles with comfortably. Visiting a psychologist or a counselor on a regular basis is also advisable.


About Osteo Relief Institute


Osteo Relief Institute is a New Jersey-based foundation that specializes in providing knee pain relief to arthritis patients. The institution is made up of board-certified therapists and physicians that believe patients are like family and should be treated well.


Like your loved ones, Osteo Relief Institute will do everything they can to make sure that you receive the best healthcare possible. Their number one objective is to see you healthy again without having to undergo expensive surgery.


The technology used here is top-notch, and all the drugs provided are FDA approved. The possibility of you getting the treatment that you are looking for is close to 100 percent (http://reporterexpert.com/osteo-relief-institute-new-jersey/). If you are an osteoporosis patient, you will be glad to note that Osteo Relief Institute uses the most current state-of-art technology to ensure that their patients get lasting pain relief. Also, the staffs are highly trained to help patients in any way they can.


Glen Wakeman’s Contribution to Helping Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Victims

One country that has been particularly devastated by hurricanes this year in Puerto Rico. The same country has been facing an economic crisis that has nearly brought the functions of the local government to a halt. On September 12th, Hurricane Irma left a trail of destruction that worsened Puerto Rico as more than one million citizens of the country were left with no power despite the harsh cold weather conditions.


In as much as the recovery efforts were able to restore electricity to much of the country’s population, more than 60,000 people have been left out without power even after the restoration. To worsen the situation Hurricane Maria left yet another trail of destruction on the Island nation.


Hurricane Maria that rocked Puerto Rico was rated as a category five storm. On 20th September, the deadly tornado made landfall in Puerto Rico. The storm and resultant Hurricane were the things Puerto Rico least expected as the country was already rocked by Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Maria was characterized by more than 30 hours of torrential downpour, and a storm that had winds peaking at 155 mph.


On the trail of Hurricane Maria’s destruction included Puerto Rico’s energy and transport infrastructure. Other things destroyed by Hurricane Maria include the country’s roads, people’s homes and businesses and everything else within the hurricane’s path. The damage left behind by the earthquake is valued to be approximately about $90 billion

The Red Cross has been very significant in providing relief to people affected by both the hurricane Irma and Maria. More than $55 million in donations has been presented to the hurricane victims through the red cross.


Glen Wakeman is a renowned business executive, investor, entrepreneur and at the same time mentor (AnalystOfFinance). Other than coaching different chief executive officers and business executives, Glen Wakeman is also a financial consultant trusted by companies to provide guidance on making sound financial investments.


Other than serving as an executive Wakeman has been involved in various philanthropic causes around the world including providing support for Puerto Rico’s hurricane victims through a financial donation he made to the Red Cross. Wakeman has additionally been urging his peers to offer assistance to Puerto Rico’s hurricane victims.

More at http://www.glenwakeman.com/in-the-press/

A Look at the Involvement of Dr. Mark Holterman in the Programs of Clinical Excellence and International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam

Dr. Mark Holterman is undeniably a renowned expert in pediatric surgery and medicine. He also serves as the CMO and CEO of Mariam Global Health. At the University of Illinois, Holterman is a professor of surgery and pediatrics. Through the Pediatrics Department, the university oversees Programs of Clinical Excellence.


The Programs of Clinical Excellence engage in certain aspects of pediatric medicine including offering multi-level professional education and providing comprehensive medical care to students. Staff members involved in the Programs of Clinical Excellence comprise of a diversified medical team that spearheads the pediatric discipline with both clinical and basic research into pediatric diseases.


Aside from being actively involved in pediatric surgery, Mark Holterman is also an active supporter of the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN) (http://inspirery.com/dr-mark-holterman/). The organization operates different initiatives that deliver medical supplies, personnel, and other resources to the Vietnam region. Since its establishment, IPSAC-VN has strived to boost pediatric medicine for Vietnamese children sustainably. The body is also known for operating its International Scholar Program, which links local medical experts with various opportunities to attain further education at US-based learning institutions.


Dr. Mark Holterman in Brief


Dr. Mark Holterman is a well-known doctor who is mainly based in Maywood IL and Peoria, IL. With about 29 years of experience under his name, he is a well-sought after pediatric surgeon. Other than being an acclaimed surgeon, Dr. Mark Holterman doubles up as a full professor working at the University of Illinois. He has held this role at the university since 2011. As an attending pediatric surgeon, Holterman offers his services in different institutions like St. Francis Medical Center, Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Hospital of Illinois.


For his education, Dr. Mark Holterman is an accomplished alumnus of the prestigious Yale University where he graduated with a biology degree. Later on, he graduated from the University of Virginia with an MD and Ph.D. In previous years, Holterman has worked for various institutions including Rush University as an attending pediatric surgeon. Additionally, he is a member of various professional bodies such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and American College of Surgeons.

Stream Energy, the revolutionary company with a vision of women empowerment

Stream is a renowned provider of various connected life services. The company also deals with direct selling. The company was founded in 2005 and has revolutionized the energy sector. In the past 12 years, they have been in existence, they have managed to generate over $8 billion in form of revenue. This has made the company become recognized globally as one of the major direct selling companies. The company was established to come up with simple and yet innovative ideas in the energy industry. One of their most successful ideas was selling by word of mouth. They managed to create a unique value proposition in an industry that was already crowded at that time.


Recently Stream Energy hosted the fourth Women of Power Retreat at its headquarters in Dallas Texas. The retreat is normally held on an annual basis. It is aimed at inspiring, motivating and mentoring the female associates at Stream as they shape their individual businesses.


This year’s theme was “Shine”. The program was aimed at highlighting the importance of showing confidence by actions and the impact it has on others. The weekend-long seminar had several renowned individuals as speakers (https://youtu.be/H-XkJMGkyI4). The speakers included best-selling writer and news correspondent Nicole Lapin, one of America’s most influential business leaders Karen Leland as well as Melissa Mark Garner a well-known consultant who deals with corporate wellness.


The seminar was divided into various workshops. Each workshop was aimed at cultivating skills and building confidence that would be used in actualizing business goals (Twitter). A special session was held regarding how to be ones, own boss. Presentations on personalized branding tips that are aimed towards visualization and mind based exercises were made during this session.


Participants who engage themselves in Stream Energy events tend to succeed in their businesses thanks to the resources that they gain. The skill sets are valuable in ensuring they achieve the status “Women of Power”.


Apart from energy, Stream provides wireless, protective and home services through Stream Energy Services. These services ensure their customers continue with their daily routines connected regardless of location. People living in Texas, Maryland, Georgie, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, and Washington can enjoy the company’s energy services. All other Stream Services options are available throughout the country.


Jorge Moll Oversees The Establishment Of The Largest Healthcare Enterprise In Brazil

Giving people a second chance is important, and investors in the health industry benefit a lot from the engagement. As long as health complications exist in the world, there will always be a need for medical treatment. A healthy life is essential, and a nation that has healthy people can maximize on its productivity.


To improve the methods of treatment that are typically used in healthcare facilities, technology has been infused in the process of treating patients (IDOR). Currently, it is possible to accurately diagnose ailments, and provide patients with medication that can tackle specific pathogens within the body. Medical research has been undertaken for many years, and it has led to the adoption of new treatment methods within the industry.


Methods of treating patients are many, and Jorge Moll has invested in ensuring that advanced treatment techniques can be adopted in the health sector. Jorge Moll is a health professional who hails from Brazil, and he has specialized in cardiology. Jorge Moll helped to establish the Rede D’or hospital, and the health organization has managed to open up about thirty-five other hospitals in different parts of Brazil. Jorge Moll also established high tech labs that have contributed to the advancement of the health sector in Brazil.

The labs have played a huge role in hastening provision of diagnostic results, making it possible for hospitals to provide the right type of medication to patients. Jorge Moll is apt in business and the medical field, and that is why he has managed to become successful in the healthcare sector. In the quest to expand his health provision services, Jorge Moll disposed the labs that he had set up at the cost of $800 million, and then he acquired Sao Luis, which is a healthcare group located in Sao Paulo.


Additionally, Jorge Moll invested in the upgrade of the healthcare facility in Copacabana to ensure that better treatment can be offered to patients. The hospital is known as Star Cup, and it has galleries that are filled with pictures of notable persons. Additionally, the health facility offers 24 hours medical services to ensure that it can serve many people.

Presidential Links Benefit DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani

The Hussain Sajwani family leaped into the international consciousness in 2016 when then U.S. President-Elect, Donald Trump gave the group behind the UAE-based DAMAC company a piece of the prime real estate at his annual New Year’s Eve dinner at the Florida resort of Maralago. Seated in the front row, Hussain Sajwani was praised by the U.S. President for the success the pair have achieved in developing a number of golf-based resorts in the Middle East where the luxury real estate has become the domain of the former supplier of U.S. military food services. Learn more: http://www.damac.com/terms-of-use/


Hussain Sajwani is always willing to give an insight into the activities taking him from a food services business owner to one of the best-known luxury real estate developers in the world with an eye for the dramatic and eye-catching deal. Long before he found himself rubbing shoulders with top global leaders, Hussain Sajwani founded a food services company when his work as a financial expert in the Middle Eastern energy sector allowed him to see there was a gap in the market he could turn into a profit. The DAMAC owner soon began supplying food for oil and gas exploration companies across the region and supported U.S. troops during the Iraq Wars for which the company was awarded an honor by the leaders of U.S. armed forces.


DAMAC was created by Hussain Sajwani in 2002 when he had already begun building an empire of mid-level hotels which were focused on supplying the newly opened markets of the former Soviet Union with affordable accommodation. Hussain Sajwani became famous with his DAMAC Properties group when he purchased a small piece of land in the United Arab Emirates and turned it into one of the most impressive luxury developments seen in the kingdom. Learn more: https://communityportal.loams.ae/


The partnership between Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC, and President Donald Trump includes two golf course developments positioned within the grounds of DAMAC-owned properties. Two deals have already been agreed between the Trump brand and DAMAC with further deals seen as important to the growth of his company by Hussain Sajwani.

Knockout Option Significance Explained by Jeremy Goldstein

Many businesses have stopped providing employees with stock options. Companies have different reason while some are saving money, others have complicated reasons. However, the problems that led companies not to provide employees with stock options were constant. The issues included the stock value can drop significantly making it difficult for employees to exercise their options, stock options mainly lead to accounting burdens, and many employees have discovered economic downturns usually declare options worthless.


However, there are advantages of stock options which make it preferable to additional wages, better insurance coverage, and equities. Stock options compensation method is simple for employees to understand as they provide an equivalent value that is substantial to them. Also, options can only improve personal earnings if the company’s share value rises. Therefore, it encourages employees to work hard by attracting potential clients, develop innovative products and satisfy customers to improve the corporation’s share value to enhance their income.


Moreover, some internal revenue service rules make it difficult for employees to receive equities. Therefore, companies may face higher tax burdens when they provide shares than when they offer stock options. These advantages can be obtained by businesses who keep providing employees with stock options.


Companies ought to take steps to reduce overhang and initial and ongoing expenses when offering stock options. However, the best option for businesses is to embrace knockout barrier option according to Jeremy Goldstein. It works as other barrier options, but employees lose them if the share value of the company reduces under a particular amount. Employers are advised to cancel them if the share value remains that for at least week.


Knockout option reduces initial accounting costs. Also, it protects stockholders from worries as they don’t face overhang threats from options that no one can change. Moreover, it ensures the firm’s annual proxy is accurate as it results in lower executive compensation figures.


Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer who is a partner at the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC firm based in New York. He has worked to help many companies with financial solutions. Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC firm provides answers on matters of CEOs, management teams, and compensation matters.


Jeremy Goldstein is knowledgeable about employees and employers options that will work to benefit the company. Jeremy Goldstein attended Cornell University where he earned a BA degree and then joined New York University School of Law and graduating with a Juris Doctor. With over 15 years of experience, Jeremy Goldstein has worked to improve many companies.


Visit http://jlgassociates.com/ to learn more.

Despite large commissions, Securus Technologies says it adds huge value for inmates

No one is ever happy about paying high rates for making phone calls. This is especially true for those who are locked up in the nation’s prison. Being a captive audience, the inmates in America’s prisons are often deeply dissatisfied with the rates they pay to make outgoing phone calls, especially when those rates exceed the amounts that would otherwise be paid on the free market.

But it is also important to understand that the prison system operates completely differently from the free market. Many of the nation’s prisons rely heavily on the revenues that are generated from inmate calling. This money is not just used to maintain the phone systems of the prison themselves, it is also used to fund other budgetary shortfalls, including the ability of those prisons to adequately staff and maintain open beds for prisoners.

While inmates may be deeply unsatisfied with this arrangement, understandably not being excited about paying for their own incarceration, there are situations where this money that is raised from phone revenues goes directly to improve an inmate’s living standards. For example, throughout the state of California, Securus Technologies, one of the nation’s leading inmate communications providers, has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in commissions to the institutions where does business.

This, in turn, has enabled many of those institutions to reduce the number of inmates who are forced to bunk in open-air gyms due to overcrowding. As long as the revenues generated from phones are able to provide inmates with more beds in traditional cells, it means that fewer inmates will be required to bunk in dangerous open-air gym situations, where it is not uncommon for violence to erupt at any moment.

This is just one way in which the inmates paying for outgoing phone calls are actually contributing to their own safety and well-being.


Norman Pattiz: Revolutionizing Advertising Through Podcast Campaigns

Podcast ad campaigns have a great potential of creating brand awareness and stirring unrivalled brand lift. This was the conclusion reached by a survey conducted by Edison Research in 2016. The research was commissioned by PodcastOne; a company founded by Norman Pattiz who currently serves as its executive chairman. The results, which were released in early 2017 by Mr. Pattiz together with Edison Research’s vice president in charge of strategy, showed that the various national brands enjoyed significant increase in their brand lifts at the end of the campaign. The two-phase survey collected data before and after the ad campaigns had been ran on PodcastOne network. The data indicated that some of the national brands enjoyed over 70 percent in brand lift with more clients showing increased interest in purchasing the brands. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/norman-pattiz


 From Westwood One to PodcastOne: Redefining American Broadcasting Industry


The founding of Westwood One and its subsequent effective management to become American’s leading radio network mark important milestone in the checkered entrepreneurship history of Norman Pattiz. As the leader of the radio network he founded in 1914, Mr. Pattiz helped the network win several lucrative broadcasting rights and contracts. The radio network was chosen by various media conglomerates such as CNN, CBS News and NBC to air their radio programs covering sports, news, traffic and entertainment among others. It also won the rights to air The Super Bowl, the Summer Olympics, NCAA Basketball, Winter Olympics and NFL Football among others. His excellent management track record at Westwood One saw him win multiple industry awards. Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/podcastone-chairman-norman-pattiz-announces-results-of-networks-brand-lift-studies-conducted-by-edison-research-300405404.html


After taking a long hiatus from active management and entrepreneurship especially in the broadcasting industry, Norman Pattiz reemerged in 2012 with the launching of PodcastOne; a world leading podcast network. The network has been revolutionary with numerous celebrities signing up with the network including Larry King, Shaquille O’Neal, Chris Jericho and Steve Austin among others. The company has grown in popularity since its founding with its revolutionary ad platform. Learn more: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/norman-pattiz-announces-hollywoods-legendary-204000537.html


Joining the BBG: Spearheading the Growth of Nonmilitary Radio and Television Networks


Norman Pattiz’s excellent track record at Westwood One played a significant role in his induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame 2009. However, his position as a Hall of Famer was cemented between 2000 and 2006 when he served a member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) of the United States of America. Serving under the administrations of Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush, Mr. Pattiz spearhead an initiative that has changed the global broadcasting landscape. He oversaw the founding of numerous nonmilitary television and radio networks across the Middle East. These stations aired their programs in local dialects. Learn more: https://patch.com/california/across-ca/norman-pattiz-announces-positive-impact-podcast-advertising




The Experienced Carlos Luis Trabuco’s Rise In Bradesco Company

Maintaining leadership has never been an easy task especially for an organization that has always been in the frontline. Recently, the largest bank in Brazil, Bradesco, experienced their worst moments when, Itau Unibanco stripped them off their position as the leading bank. In a country with few executives, Bradesco’s only option was to use the safest option, which was appointing the right leader that would propel the company to its original position. After careful consideration from the company’s board of directors, Carlos Luis Trabuco Cappi was found to be the worthy leader the company needed.

About Carlos Luis Trabuco

Born and raised in Merilla, Brazil, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a humble, simple, and calm subject. The alumni of Sao Paulo University, he studied a degree in philosophy unlike his colleagues, which was completely different from his field of work. However, Trabuco signed at the newly started bank in his hometown, Bradesco, where he got a job as a clerk. Under the leadership of its pioneer Amador Aguiar, Trabuco acquired banking skills in the late 1960’s. Two years later, he decided to shift his position to the company’s headquarters based in the city.

Luckily, in the year 1984, Trabuco managed to secure a position as the marketing director. This position set his foundation in the banking world, which as a result fueled his hunger for success. Further, his experience in the banking world continued to grow and between the year 1992 and 1998, Trabuco served as the executive director and president of Bradesco’s private pension company. After serving six years in the company’s pension sector, Trabuco acquired the required skills needed to push him to the executive vice president position. In the year 1999, he was appointed as the new executive vice president and later on the president of the company’s insurance company. He continued to hold the position in the company’s critical sector until his recent appointment as the executive president.

Aged 57, Trabuco’s journey to success had not only provided him with skills and wealth but had also provided him with approximately 40 years of experience. These factors more so contributed to his recent appointment as Bradesco’s executive president. He replaced the 65-year-old Marcio Cypriano whose position as the president expired due to the company’s rule in age limit. Nevertheless, marcio’s ten years experience as president was overwhelming. This is because, under his leadership, the company’s market value multiplied from $ 5 billion to $ 30 billion dollars.

Trabuco’s appointment as the new president was timely since the company was experiencing heavy losses. Bradesco’s new competitor, Itau Unibanco, was causing a huge threat to its performance and had managed to overtake them in the financial sector dominancy. For this reason, Bradesco was experiencing a shortage of customers and as drop in the market share value. Additionally, Unibanco had acquired ownership of majority of the medium sized banks in Brazil. As a result, the company managed to beat Bradesco in asset owner, which had a negative impact in its performance. The new president was however reported to be making plans on opening more than two hundred branches to remedy the situation. Indeed, the only shortest way to narrow the gap was through the acquisition of the smaller and medium sized banks.

Analysts revealed that despite Bradesco’s loss in leadership among private banks, there is no doubt Trabuco was capable of regaining the company’s ground and restore it to its previous position. Maintaining a stiff competition has always been Trabuco’s means of achieving success. For this reason, the experienced banker would pose a great threat to his competitor.